Frequently Asked Questions

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How long can a sign stay in the air?

When operating off battery the max limit is 20 minutes.  However, with our tether system we can keep a sign in the air for multiple hours.

Are the drone and sign under 55lbs?

Yes!  We custom design and build our own drones and billboards using extremely light but strong carbon fiber materials.  All systems meet the FAA Part-107 maximum weight requirements.

Can 3d Holographic signs work in the daytime?

The 3D Holographic digital signs emit light, therefore they could be seen in the daytime but the best effect is definitely at night.  We recommend using our Mesh Banner system for daytime.

How big are the drones?

Our drones are not toys!  They are heavy-lift hexacopters with the lift capacity of 200lbs.  The tip to tip diameter is a little over 9 feet.

Andrew Holding Drone

How many people do you need to fly a drone billboard?

Our crew is typically three people.  One person to control and fly the drone.  A second person to control the sign position and movements.  Third, a person acting as rigger, visual observer, and crew manager.  All members of the team hold a FAA Part 107 Commercial drone license.

Is there insurance incase of an accident or incident?

Drone Aerial Service is fully insured for several million dollars of coverage.  We also add additional Event Insurance to protect our company and clients.

Will you travel outside of your local area?

Yes! However, additional expense will be charged for travel.

Does any other company use drones to fly banners or 3D Holographic signs that are wind stabilized?

Drone Aerial Services invented this technology and has a patent pending for controlled billboards in the air.  No other company has the technology or has licensed it from Drone Aerial Services.


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